Modern Metals India is one of the India’s largest subcontract metal heat treating and thermal processing services company. We specialize in many metal process operations, including carburizing hardening, brazing, and material testing. Our organization is growing by leaps and bonds, with processes and new capabilities being added all the time. we have immense depth of knowledge, experience, and capability in metal processing.

In North India, Modern Metals India's relationships with its customers have been of the traditional type. Manufacturing companies ship product to us for processing and we ship it back after the work is complete. As any one in the business knows, there can be a variety of problems with this approach, both technical and logistical. Many of these problems significantly affect the profitability of both parties.

In recognition of these common problems, our director operations is developing a new type of relationship with key customers that is more along the lines of a partnership than a traditional customer/vendor relationship. After more than 35 years of successful operation. we are now bringing this concept as a revolutionary win-win approach to improve on the traditional subcontract heat treatment method. Simply put, Modern Metals India brings the processing to you. To accomplish this, we will actually custom build a facility right in or near your plant to handle your needs exclusively. In return, you simply agree to use this facility. Our heat treatment capability becomes an integral part of your plant to manufacturing operation. You get all the benefits of an on-site heat treating facility with none of the worries.

This option offers immediate relief from all the problems well-known to you, your accounting department, and so on. SP is especially effective when there is a high volume of work and one or more of the following conditions apply:
Need for extremely quick turnaround, or Specialized processing, or Multiple sequential operations required The benefits derived from SP in any particular case obviously depend on what specific problems exist with the current arrangements. The following is a list of general benefits that can be expected:

  1. In-line processing reduces lead time, improving product throughout.
  2. Elimination of unneeded shipping, receiving, packing, unpacking, trucking, handling, and risk of loss and damage.
  3. Reduction in work-in-process inventory.
  4. Reduced heat treating cost, since more specialized equipment can be used.
  5. Reduced purchasing load, and reduced paperwork overall.
  6. In-line processing reduces lead time, improving product throughout.
  7. Built-in overflow capacity guaranteed by Modern Metals India
  8. Ready access to production situation for evaluation/change in schedules.
  9. Elimination of redundant quality checks.