Induction Annealing Services

Induction Annealing Services is a heat treatment in which a material is exposed to an elevated temperature for a period of time and then cooled. The aim of the process is to reduce the hardness of the metal and improve its ductility. Specifically annealing is the process of bringing the material to its softest point.

Induction Annealing systems power units featuring the latest solid state switching techniques

Three Stages of Induction Annealing:

  • Part is placed in work coil and heated to the correct temperature. Temperature is verified by an optical pyrometer
  • Hold the material at the specified temperature for a given time. This can again be confirmed by the pyrometer. The system is closed loop with the generator being controlled by the pyrometer to ensure temperature stability.
  • Part to be cooled slowly back to ambient temperature.

Benefits of Induction Annealing systems:

  • Heat is generated directly into the material.
  • Energy costs reduced.
  • Accurate, repeatable heat cycle.
  • Controllable heat affected zone.
  • Temperature accuracy.
  • Reduced surface oxidation.