Sub Zero Treatment Service

Deep Sub Zero Treatment Service is the methodology of ultra low temperature processing of materials to enhance their desired metallurgical properties. This special process is not a surface treatment, it affects the entire mass of the tool or component being treated, making it stronger throughout. This means the process keeps working even after numerous sharpenings. The hardness of the material treated is unaffected, while its strength is actually increased.

Sub Zero Treatment Service is a relatively new process, but one that using correct procedures can bring substantial economic benefits.


  • 3 Ton (1200 W X 1200 H X 900 D)mm
  • Double Walled 7" Insulation
  • Microprocessor Based Programming
  • Temperature Profile Graph Recording


  • Increased Abrasive wear life, strength toughness
  • Increased corrosive wear life, fatigue limit
  • Improved Impact Strength
  • One time permanent Treatment, it lasts the entire life of the tool
  • Cost effective, saves time & money by decreasing down time, reducing replacement & maintenance costs & reduces the number of broken parts
  • Relives Stresses, Enhances Structural stability


  • Cutting Tools, Taps, Drill bits, End Mills, Carbide Inserts, Punch Dies, Progressive Dies, Press Dies, Shear Knives, Engine Blocks, Engine Components, Transmissions, Crankshafts, Camshafts, Axles, Gears, Circular Slitters, Hammer Mills, Extruders, Castings, Bearings, Scissors, Guns, Blades, Dental & Medical Instruments