RA Reduction Services

During the manufacturing process of components and tools, thermo-, thermo mechanical and mechanical processes are being used. These processes create mostly unwanted internal stresses within the material. These stresses can be reduced by DCT – similar to stress relief annealing.

The deep cryogenic treatment reduces internal stresses because of the very slow temperature rate during cooling and reheating. This reduction of internal stresses is often best realized in tool steels, aluminum and magnesium parts but various other materials respond well too.

Example Of Deep Cryogenic Treatment:

  • During machining of complicated Al casted components (as seen on the picture) the machining process has to be interrupted several times to release inner materials stresses. When DCT is done before machining these cost intensive interruptions can be reduced or eliminated.
  • Gun barrels for sport weapons will heat up when more rounds are shot in quick succession. This causes a distortion of the barrel and therefore a wider scatter band is created. DCT can greatly reduce the distortion of the barrel.
  • Engine blocks for racing applications are being treated to reduce the warping during successive operations. The reduced warping reduces the friction between cylinder and piston giving the engine more power – up to +17 PS were measured.