Having a full-fledged R&D Metallurgical department is highly unusual for commercial heat treating company, and is a great value-added asset for both Modern Metals India and its customers. Our Metallurgical engineering services group is managed by our corporate Metallurgist, who is supported by a degreed project engineer and dedicated technicians. Additionally , a PhD Metallurgical consultant and PhD Chemical consultant are on staff and available as needed. Further Modern Metals India has a fully equiped, on-site, Metallurgical laboratory for complete evaluations of any heat treated materials.

To be a heat treatment company of the highest standard requires a through understanding of the behaviour of metals under thermal processing, since nearly all metal parts get heat treated at some point during their manufacture. Having a R&D Metallurgical engineering services group trained in the science of metals and Metallurgical engineering is a resource that Modern Metals India and its customers can rely on for support and assistance in dealing with Metallurgical questions and problems.

Properties required of metals very widely depending on the application. The desired property may be strictly physical in nature, such as electrical resistivity or magnetic permeability. Other applications may be primarily concerned with mechanical properties, such as strength and fatigue resistance. Most often, a combination of properties is required, such as wear and corrosion resistance, as would be expected of any good quality knife blade. Common to R&D Metallurgical engineering services, there are generally trade-offs between desirable property attributes of an engineered system. Regarding Metallurgy and material properties, heat treating may degrade one desired property while trying to enhance another desired property.