Modern Metals India have always been completely committed to extending knowledge in the field of heat treatment/process and the behaviour of materials. The expertise on an industrial scale, has always been enriched by our close partnership with engineers, heat treatment engineers. Today our knowledge base is at the core of all our customers production lines. It is this concern for carring & listing, combined with our passion for our profession, which has forged Modern Metals India's recognized spirit of innovation.

Innovation Means Making Our Customer Progress

Whenever Modern Metals India proposes a technical upgrade, the the driving force behind this change is the benefits it brings to our customers.

• We provide technical benefits that are more effective, reproducible and are efficient treatments that always comply with applicable standards.

• Economic benrfits are due to shorter cycles, and the integration of the heat treatment into the part flow or process cell

• Modern Metals India systems help to provide solutions to your environmental problems and concerns.

• Our job is to make our customers requirement more productive